Diablo Reciprocating Saw Blades

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I don’t really use a reciprocating saw too often in my woodworking, but when I do, I always turn to Diablo for their blades.

They make different blades for specific purposes, and I got to test out their Demo Demon General Purpose, Steel Demon Carbide Medium Metal and Carbide Pruning Blades, all of which are 9”.

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The Demo Demon General purpose blade is exactly that! You can use it for most of your demo work when cutting into wood and metal. I used it to take apart the pallet in the video below.

It’s especially handy in demo work when you don’t know if you’re going to run into a nail, which can often happen when using reclaimed material.

After taking off the first board of the pallet (in the video below), I cut into the endgrain and realized it was actually maple! Such a nice surprise for a pallet!

In order to work with this wood, I still need to pop those nails out so I don’t destroy my planer blades and other tools. But I can’t say no to free maple…

The Carbide teeth on this extends the life of the blade by 50X when cutting into wood and metal and you can even use it to cut PVC and pipe material.

I have an upcoming project where I am going to need to cut some PVC pipe, so I’ll be happy to have this blade around!

The next blade I tried out was the Steel Demon.

It has 10 teeth per inch so it leaves a really smooth clean cut on your metal.

It is Ideal for cutting ferrous metals and high strength alloys between 3/32 in. to 1/4 in.


I used it to cut through some brass for a project (which is non-ferrous) and it worked quite well.

I really want to incorporate more metal into my work so this will come in handy in the future.

For the time being, I used it to help a neighbor out. He had some metal chairs that were too tall and he asked if I had anything to cut the legs a bit shorter. This blade worked so well to complete the task. I was glad to have this blade around to help him out!

Now I have these little metal tubes that I don’t know what to do with, but I refuse to throw them away! Ha!


I’ll figure something out…

The last blade I tried out was the pruning blade.

This blade has really large blade gullets between the teeth that provide super fast chip removal which is perfect for pruning your trees.

Making cuts with this blade it quick and effortless. It also leaves a really clean looking cut!

If you do your own yard work this blade is a must.

While I don’t use these blades everyday like I would a table-saw blade or a router bit, they are awesome to have around.

The next time I come across a maple pallet, I will be good to go.

The next time a neighbor asks for some help with their project, I will be ready and happy to help.

The next time that branch sticks out way too far and scratches up my car, I will be mad I didn’t cut it sooner…. And then I’ll grab my diablo blade and fix it.

diablo YT.jpg

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What's in My Workbench

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Shop storage is always such a problem, there are so many tools and we all have limited space in our garages. I was so excited to get this Husky Deep Mobile Workbench because of all the space it has.

It’s 46” wide by 24.5” deep with over 19,000 cubic inches of storage! This thing holds a ton of tools!

Let me show you what I have organized already….

Since these drawers can lock, I felt comfortable putting all my sharp tools in there. I can lock the kids out and they stay safe.

I dedicated the top drawer to my hand tools and other hand tool related items, like my sharpening stones. There is still plenty of space in this drawer as I hope to expand my hand tool collection.

So far I have been really liking the accessibility of keeping these tools in the top drawer. While I’m in the middle of a project It’s very easy to grab what I need as I need it.

Moving down the line I dedicated the next drawer to drill bits. Knowing all my drill bits are in one location really improves my workflow. Previously, the bit cases were just on random flat surfaces, I’m so happy they have a home now.

(Also, these pictures are going to have a lot of sawdust in them…. I’m mid project and this is just my life… ha!)


All these random corner clamps and strap clamps never really had a home before either. They are oddly shaped and I don’t use them enough to warrant space on the pegboard, in the drawers they go!

Some other random items I felt belonged in this drawer are my biscuits and hot glue gun, goes with the joinery theme here. Ha.


Moving along, battery storage has always been an issue for me. These drawers are the perfect heigh for most of my batteries with room to spare.


I love all my Dremel tools because they always come through in a pinch. The problem is where to store all the attachments and accessories.

I love that their accessories come in their own cases so it stays nice and organized within the drawer here. There is still plenty of room in this drawer for some more accessories!

The next drawer is dedicated to finishing. There are swiffer sheets, tack cloths and respirator parts in here.

There is also room for the respirator cleaning wipes. If you’ve ever sneezed while wearing your respirator, you know why these are necessary….

As we go lower down in the drawers we get to items that are used less often. This drawer holds extra dust collector bags, and a few specialty jigs I have.

The bottom drawers are huge. I put some of my larger power tools that I didn’t have room for on my pegboard, like my circular saw and router.

I’m looking forward to filling this drawer up a bit more, there is so much room to spare.


Look how many tools are in this drawer….. There are two recip saws, one recip MEGAMax saw head, one MEGAMax right angle drill head, one MEGAMax base, electric shears and a Dremel.

The crazy thing about this, there is still plenty of room for more!

One of the coolest things about this bench is that it has a built in power strip. It even has USB ports so you can easily charge your phone or your headphones.

The big handle on the side makes it easy to roll around and there are hooks on the side so you can wrap the cord up nice and neat.

I decided to keep mine permanently plugged in so I could use those hooks to hold my framing square. I feel like it is the perfect location for this large square!


This bench has been a great addition to my shop. So many of my tools now have a permanent home and there is still so much room to spare.

I love that I’m able to keep my kids safe by locking away my sharp tools and that I can roll it around the shop and plug my tools right into it.

I did have an issue that the wood top was a bit warped, but Husky has an amazing lifetime warranty and it was replaced. If you ever have any issues with your Husky tools, you can just bring them back to Home Depot and they will be replaced, no questions asked!

I’m looking forward to all the projects I will make on this bench!

Another great workbench from Husky is their Portable Jobsite Workbench

Husky Jobsite bench

Coming in at just under 20 lbs. this lightweight bench can hold up to 1,500 lbs. with its heavy duty metal legs!

These legs can easily be removed and stored away, so It’s a perfect solution for a small shop or jobsite work.


You can use this portable workbench as a miter saw stand or you can even use it as a router table.

It comes with everything you need to turn it into a router table. All you need is a scrap to make the fence and a router.

Unfortunately the trim routers I have did not fit into the pre-drilled holes so I couldn’t fully test this out. (I don’t have a full sized router yet… It’s on the list… ha!)


I love having the extra workspace when I need it. I have been using these table as my finishing tables for now. I can bring them outside when needed then take it apart and store it away for the next time!

I love that it doesn’t take up too much space in my shop so I think these table are a great solution for a small shop.

Now I need to get back to my project!

I acknowledge that The Home Depot is partnering with me to participate in the ProSpective 2018 Campaign. As a part of the Program, I am receiving compensation in the form of products and services, for the purpose of promoting The Home Depot. All expressed opinions and experiences are my own words. My post complies with the Worth of Mouth Marketing Association (WOMMA) Ethics code and applicable Federal Trade Commission guidelines.