Which Dremel is Right for You?

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I don’t use Dremel tools everyday, but when I do, I am so happy I have them. Dremel makes certain tasks a whole lot easier, so let’s break down what some of the Dremel tools do…

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Dremel is known for their rotary tools that are perfect for many different tasks. There are a wide variety of attachments, so the tool is perfect for drilling, cutting, grinding, sharpening, cleaning, polishing, sanding, routing, carving, and engraving.

If you don’t plan on using the tool a lot, you might want to start out with the 12v Cordless model.

The Dremel 8220 is Ideal for sanding, polishing, cutting, finishing and grinding, since you aren’t tied down to a cord, this tool is great for hard to reach areas or if you are on the go.

This kit includes the tool, battery, charger, carrying case and 30 accessories.

The battery life on this does not last too long, so it is not meant for intense projects, it’s more like a touch up tool in my opinion.

Dremel tools

If you are getting into some more serious work the corded 4300 Series is the way to go.

It’s more powerful with a 1.8 Amp motor and the power stays consistent since it’s plugged in. The cord might get in the way, but it’s just more reliable.

The Dremel 4300 is ideal for cutting, sanding, grinding, drilling, carving and more. It comes with 40 accessories, 5 attachments and a carrying case.

The attachments might seem a bit confusing so let’s go over what each one is used for.

Dremel Tools

This big round black attachment is the routing base.

You would use this when using a router bit in the Dremel. Like for carving out letters or rounding over edges.

The wide base keeps it flat and stable on your work surface so you are always routing perpendicular to your workpiece. You can also change your cutting depth directly on this attachment.

Dremel Tools

This attachment is for sharpening blades on your gardening tools. Pretty cool, huh?

You have to use this attachment with the correct grinding bit as labelled on the attachment (932). Then you can insert blades into the angled opening and it will sharpen your blades at a perfect angle.

Dremel tools

This clear plastic attachment is the Rotary Debris Shield. It redirects sparks during cutting, grinding, sanding, and polishing applications so it’s more comfortable to use.

Dremel Tools

The last accessory is the the sanding/grinding guide.

You would use this to improve precision and control when sanding or grinding.

You can easily adjust the height and there are two surfaces you can rest the tool on which allows you to get perfect 45 or 90 degree bevels when grinding or sanding.

Dremel Tools

All those attachments come with the 4300 Series, but there are even more attachments you can purchase to make your Dremel even better.

One of my favorites is the Flex Shaft Attachment. This attachment allows you to have all the power without being bogged down by a heavy tool. It connects to the rotary tool with a 36 in. long cable and it has a 5 in. bend radius for more flexibility.

This is perfect for fine detail work.

Dremel Tools

Both the 8220 and 4300 come with a basic set of accessories to get you started, when you run out you can purchase kits for all your different needs.

The one I use the most is the EZ Lock and Drum Sanding/Grinding Rotary Tool Accessory Kit (18-Piece)

I especially love the sanding discs. they really came in handy when I was sanding the train tracks on my train table build

Another great kit for polishing is the EZ Lock Sanding and Polishing Mini Kit for Metal, Steel, Wood, Brass, Aluminum, Plastics and Vinyl (7-Piece)

And if you plan on cutting any metal, the EZ Lock Cut-Off Wheel Set for Metal and Plastic (11-Piece) is perfect.

Dremel Tools

Dremel also makes a pretty powerful little saw. The Saw-Max can be used to cut into wood, metal or plastic up to 3/4” thick.

So if you need to rip a piece of 1/2” plywood, it might be overkill to whip out your 7-1/4” circular saw….

You can set up a fence, plunge the blade into your material and make straight cuts.

If you are a beginner and the idea of using a big circular saw scares you, you might want to start with a tool like this. Just remember it only cuts material 3/4” thick.

Dremel Tools

You can hold it with one hand so it’s really comfortable to hold and easy to use.

Dremel Tools

Dremel tools can do just about anything, it’s just a matter of picking the right tool and accessory for the job.

I hope this was helpful, have fun building and creating!

Dremel Tools

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