3x3 Custom started by accident. I was searching for an outdoor storage bench and couldn't find anything I liked. So I had a crazy idea to build it myself! Instantly, I fell in love with power tools, hand tools and everything in between. 

The name 3x3 (Three by Three) is a reference to the 3 little people who are most important to me, my children, combined with my new passion, woodworking. 

I absolutely love the process of taking ugly rough lumber and transforming it into a unique conversation piece. I also enjoy sharing this process on Instagram. If you want to see me in action, go check out my Insta feed!

Im currently working on drawing up plans and creating video tutorials. For updates, please sign up for my not-so-very-often mailing list or follow me on my social media links below. 


As stated above, I am not a expert. I simply enjoy learning about woodworking and sharing what I learn. Please take proper precautions when attempting any of my projects. Power tools are REALLY dangerous! I am not responsible for any injuries incurred while attempting one of my projects, so PLEASE be careful!


Some of the links on my site are affiliate links. Clicking on them doesn't cost you anything, but helps support my site so I can continue to provide you with free content. 


If a project is sponsored, I will say so. Don't worry, I will always be honest with how I feel about the product.