Husky Accessories

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When woodworking, there are tools you must have, like a table saw or sander. Then there are accessories that are just really nice to have… These accessories aren’t essential for creating quality work but when you have them around, they make the job easier.

Husky tools are high quality and affordable, but the best thing about them is the lifetime guarantee. If you find anything wrong with any of your Husky tools you can bring it back to The Home Depot and they will replace it no questions asked.

My first favorite Husky accessory I have been using lately is the 19 IN. PRO HYBRID TOTE WITH TOOL ORGANIZER .

This Tote would be an essential if you work on various job sites. I don’t typically do any work outside my shop or home, but I am constantly moving tools back and forth from my (detached) garage/shop to my house. This tote definitely makes that task easier.

Husky Tote

The tote is made with 1680D polyester fabric and has reinforced edging so it’s built to last. (Even if it doesn’t, you can take advantage of that lifetime guarantee!)

It has a huge center compartment which holds a ton of tools, there are 18 pockets on the inside and 6 on the outside to keep everything organized.

I love how it has this separate smaller tool organizer to hold those essential tools you need on the go.

Husky Tote

Look at all those pockets! This tote makes it so easy to keep your tools organized on the go so you won’t waste time looking for what you need.

Husky Tote

Their SOFT CAP GEL KNEE PADS are another great Husky accessory.

I do most of my work standing up at my tools or my workbench, but there are a few occasions where I work on the floor. My shop floor is concrete, and I’m not getting any younger… these pads definitely make those moments easier on the knees.

Husky Knee Pads

A good example of when I would need these is when I am laying out and breaking down sheet goods. It’s tough for me to lift or maneuver large sheets of plywood, so that’s all done on the floor of my shop.

The memory foam on the inside feels really comfortable, while the tough outer shell that’s made of nylon protects against impacts.

Husky Kneepads

My favorite feature on these pads is the loop at the end of the strap. It makes it so easy to just rip them off when I am done using them.

Husky Kneepads

Earlier I said these accessories aren’t really essential, but this last one kind of is. When working in the shop I always need a sharp blade for various tasks. From opening packaging to cutting painters tape, this WOOD HANDLE SPORTING KNIFE has really come in handy.

It has a beautiful rosewood handle and the 7Cr17 stainless steel blade is 2.875” long. Perfect for quick little tasks. Just look at it! It’s super slick looking.

You can easily open it with one hand because of a little pin on the blade and it has a folding lock back design for safety.

If the blade dulls, you can easily sharpen it, but remember that warranty? If, you’re not satisfied, Home Depot will take it back even without a receipt.

Husky sporting knife

Since these accessories are filed under the “nice to have” category, I think they would make great gifts for any DIY’er.

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