Game Changing Battery Powered Tools

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Cordless tools are really a game changer. Not being tied down to a cord and being able to work wherever you need to is such an improvement with work flow.

I can’t even imagine having to plug in my drill in order to use it, but that used to be the only game in town before battery powered tools became the status quo.

When it comes to something as common as a drill or driver, it’s hard to even find one that isn’t battery powered nowadays, but there are some tools that have not been updated to the cord free life, like the soldering iron, until now…

RYOBI recently introduced the 18-Volt ONE+ Hybrid Soldering Station. A soldering iron that can run on batteries! How awesome it that!

Ryobi Soldering Station

You might be concerned that the battery will run out and you won’t be able to work for a long period of time, not to worry! This soldering station can be operated by using a battery, or by plugging it in like a regular corded tool! so you have the option for unlimited run time with a cord or the ability to work anywhere you want with a battery. Pretty cool stuff.

The temperature for the iron can be adjusted anywhere from 300°F to 900°F, so it is perfect for any soldering needs and when you’re done, there is an iron holder to safely store it away.

Ryobi Soldering Station

The cord on the actual iron can reach 3 ft. away from the main station so that leaves plenty of room to work.

If the ability to run on batteries isn’t a cool enough feature for you, here are a few more awesome features…

I used to store the tips for my soldering iron in a random drawer in my shop, those things are kind of small and easy to lose, not a problem with this soldering station because it has onboard tip storage. No more misplaced tips! Speaking of the tips, this station comes with one fine point tip and one chisel tip, so you don’t need to purchase any to get started (The base can hold up to 4 tips).

Ryobi Soldering Station

It also comes with some solder coil to get started and a cleaning sponge to keep the tip clean. Another thing I love is the onboard storage for the cleaning sponge. You just keep it on the base so it is always in reach and your solder joints will be nice and clean.

There is also an LED indicator which lets you know the tip is hot, always a great safety feature.

While this Soldering station comes with everything you need to get started it does not come with a battery, charger or an extension cord to be able to plug it in. If you are already on the RYOBI platform, your existing 18V RYOBI batteries will work for this.

Ryobi Soldering Station

Another amazing game changer in batter powered tools is the router.

The first router I purchased was the RIDGID corded palm router. I actually chose the corded version over the battery powered one because I was worried about losing power mid cut.

After cutting my first circle with that router using a circle cutting jig, I realized what a nuisance the cord was.

Battery powered trim routers are totally the way to go!

If you’re just starting out in the world of routers, I could not recommend this RIDGID cordless compact router more.

When paired with an OCTANE battery (not included), this router delivers up to 15% more power than the previous model, so it’s perfect for routing the edges of your work which in my opinion is what makes your work look really professional. The first time I added a chamfer with a palm router to a coffee table, I noticed how invaluable this tool is.

Now, you will be able to do a ton of work with this router, but you can’t do it all. It is mostly meant for edge profiling and lighter duty applications. It has a fixed base, so you can’t plunge into your work. There are a few higher end palm routers that come with an optional plunge base, this one does not.

It only has a 1/4” collet for 1/4” shank bits. This is the case for all palm routers. Larger full size routers will have both 1/4” collets and 1/2” collets so you can use both size bits, but those bigger bits and routers are just for more heavy duty operations. If you are looking for a router that will flatten your live edge walnut slab, this isn’t it. This router is more than powerful enough to roundover your cutting boards or route a dado or small inlay for your projects.

The worst thing about using a router is the dust, it is one of the messiest tools in the shop, but this tool comes with a vacuum dust chute! All you need is a vac hose that 1-1/4” or 1-7/8” and you will be living that dust free life! Awesome!

Ridgid router

Some other great features are the quick release lever and the micro adjust dial to easily change the bit height. You can make macro adjustments really quickly and easily, but also use the micro adjust dial to dial in that perfect height for the job, so your work can be flawless.

Ridgid Palm Router

Another feature that helps with keeping your work super clean is the soft start technology. This does two things, it helps prevent gouges on your work surface and it also extends the life of the motor so the tool lasts longer.

This router is really comfortable to hold and one of my favorite features is the location of the power switch. To turn it on, you have to pull the switch out, instead of pressing a button in. I think this feature is a super cool safety feature. Because you have to pull to turn it on, instead of push, you are less likely to accidentally turn it on and cause an injury or ruin your work. Also because of where the on/off switch is located, it is really easy to turn the router off with one hand by just reaching your thumb up to press the button in. Really love the location of this power button, really makes it easy and safe to use.

Ridgid compact router

Overall, I think this is a great router, my only complaint about it is the lack of an option for a plunge base. I just see that as an excuse to get a full size 3-1/4" horsepower router next ;)

Both of these tools are game changers when it comes to battery powered tools, if you are new to the cordless life there is really just one question, which platform do you want to commit to? I can’t give you the answer, but things to consider would be budget, how often you use your tools and how you will use your tools. If you are a casual DIY’er you don’t need the most expensive tools with all the bells and whistles. If you’re a pro and your livelihood depends on your tools, that’s another story…

Battery Powered Tools

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