Tools to Cut Metal

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I really want to start welding, so I started to look into my options for ways to cut metal. I still don’t know if welding is going to be my thing, so I don’t want to invest in a dedicated metal cutting chopsaw just yet…

There are plenty of options out there! Here’s a few that Home Depot sent me to test out that I think will work for me.

The first tool is a recip saw. This is a great option because it’s a tool that can be used for wood also, that way I won’t need any specialty tools except for the blade.

Milwaukee M18 Sawzall

The Milwaukee M18 Fuel SAWZALL is a great cordless option for this.

It cuts up to 30% faster than its counterpart corded recip saw, and depending on which batteries you use, can last a really long time. It does not come with a battery, so here are some options.

The Milwaukee M18 CP3AH BATTERY pack comes with two High Output 3AH Batteries which provides 50% more power and runs 50% cooler than the regular CP Milwaukee batteries. This makes these batteries just as powerful as the XC batteries but in a smaller package. Only problem, this pack does not come with a charger, so it’s only great if you are already on the Milwaukee platform of over 175 tools that these batteries would be good for.

Milwaukee Sawzall

Another great battery option would be the Milwaukee M18 XC8AH BATTERY STARTER KIT. This one comes with a rapid charger! This starter kit has an 8AH Battery, so if you need to use your tools for longer periods of time, this would be a great option.

Since this kit comes with the charger, it would be great if you want to upgrade to Milwaukee tools since this battery will work on over 175 tools.

Milwaukee M18 Sawzall

The Milwaukee SAWZALL is really powerful and comfortable to use, one of my favorite features is the way you change out the blade. There is a very simple lever that’s easy to hold while swapping blades. I have tried other recip saws that are not this easy, so this is a definite plus!

While we’re talking about blades… the Milwaukee 6 in. 7 TPI Torch Carbide Teeth Metal Cutting SAWZALL Blade is the perfect option for cutting through metal.

The blade has carbide teeth so it lasts 50X longer than other blades and it only has 7 Teeth Per Inch so it will cut really quickly in anything you throw at it.

The next option is specifically for metal, but it would be great because I would be able to store it away and it wont take up valuable workbench space like a chopsaw would.

Makita Cordless Compact Bandsaw

The Makita 18V LXT® Lithium‑Ion Cordless Compact Band Saw has a 2-1/2” cutting capacity which makes it ideal for cutting conduit, copper pipe, threaded rod, angle iron and channel.

This battery powered bandsaw is super compact and only weighs 7.5 lbs. Despite its size, it’s super powerful and the motor delivers 630 ft./min. blade speed for faster cutting.

This bandsaw is also really comfortable to hold. In the picture below I am using two hands, but because the wheel cover is covering the blade outside the cutting area, it is actually safe to use one handed as per ANSI standards.

I had a ton of fun testing this tool out, it’s a blast to use! It’s great that I won’t need to dedicate a workbench to a chopsaw, I can store this away and pull it out when I need it!

I think this bandsaw is going to be my preferred method of cutting metal for my future welding projects!

Makita Cordless Bandsaw

Now that I’ve figured out how I’m going to cut the metal, I need to find a friend with a welder I can borrow…. ha!

cutting metal

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