Herringbone Pattern Cutting Board

If you have a bunch of scraps you can make beautiful cutting boards.

This board was made of 8/4 Walnut, 5/4 Cherry and 4/4 Maple all around 16" long. 

I used a Planer sled to flatten some faces since I don't have a jointer. Then my table saw to square up the sides. (I mentioned I don't have a jointer, right?) 

Using my cross cut sled I cut the sticks to about 8" long and planned my design. 

The tricky part was the glue up. I made a jig to help out with this and it worked out really great.

Check out the video to see how I used a jig to create the herringbone pattern!


Here are the products I used in this video:

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Dewalt Planer
Ridgid router
Microjig Grrripper


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